Museum Overview

The Marblehead Historical Commission and the Town maintain multiple museums and displays within Abbot Hall. There are also other museums in Town and the area maintained by other organizations that are well worth visiting.

Abbot Hall’s museums and displays:

  • Display cases on the first floor, auditorium and basement present objects and information about Marblehead’s history
  • The first floor Maritime Museum details Marblehead’s naval history, including
    • Why Marblehead is the Birthplace of the American Navy
    • General John Glover’s regiment and their famous role in getting Washington and the Army across the Delaware River
    • The 1997 visit of the USS Constitution to Marblehead – the last time the Constitution sailed under her own power
    • Marblehead’s naval heroes and the US Navy ships named for them
    • The three USS Marbleheads – civil war gunboat, Spanish American war cruiser and WWII light cruiser
    • Marblehead’s role in the development of aviation and its status as the birthplace of US Marine Corp aviation
  • Selectmen’s Room, containing the famous “Spirit of 76” painting, Marblehead’s original 1684 Deed, as well as many other paintings and other objects of interest
  • In the basement is the Sign Museum containing many shop signs of past Marblehead shops and businesses
  • Many works of art are on display in the Selectmen’s Room, first floor hallway and auditorium, as well as several of the offices
  • Additional works of art owned by the Town are in Abbot Library and the Mary Alley Office Building. These are documented in the booklet “The Town of Marblehead Artwork“, which can be access on-line by clicking on the title of the booklet.
  • The Historical Commission Gift Shop is on the first floor, containing items related to Marblehead as well as displays of Marblehead Pottery and Marblehead duck decoys

Marblehead and surrounding areas have many other museums with collections related to Marblehead. See “Other Museums” page.


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