Other Museums

Marblehead Museum

The Marblehead museum is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Marblehead’s past and planning for its future.  It operates three museums: the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, the J.O.J. Frost Gallery, and the Civil War and GAR Museum (in the Town-owned Old Town House). For information about the Marblehead Museum, see: http://www.marbleheadmuseum.org


Jeremiah Lee Mansion

The Jeremiah Lee Mansion is a historic house located at 171 Washington St.  Built in 1768 as a home for Marblehead’s Jeremiah Lee, a wealthy merchant in colonial Massachusetts, the house is now owned and maintained by the Marblehead Museum. It has been fully restored and tours are available for a small fee. For more information on the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, see: http://www.marbleheadmuseum.org/properties/lee-mansion/

J.O.J. Frost Gallery

J.O.J. Frost was a folk artist who focused on painting scenes from Marblehead’s history.  He started painting at the age of 70 in 1922 and painted many scenes from his childhood, preserving images of an earlier era in Marblehead’s history. For more information on the J.O.J. Frost Gallery, see: http://www.marbleheadmuseum.org/properties/joj-frost-museum-galleries/joj-frost/

Civil War and GAR Museum

The Civil War and GAR Museum is housed on the second floor of the Town-owned Old Town House, and is maintained by the Marblehead Museum. Featuring letters, uniforms, weapons, and images from the Civil War, this museum preserves the artifacts as they were when last used by the Grand Army of the Republic, a Civil War veterans organization.  For more information on the Civil War and GAR Museum, see: http://www.marbleheadmuseum.org/properties/civil-war-museum/

Marblehead Arts Association

Marblehead Arts Association is a private non-profit that operates the historic Hooper Mansion, with displays of art throughout the building and a gift shop. The mansion was built in 1728 by Robert "King" Hooper, a wealthy ship owner and merchant, and expanded in 1745. Notable is the third floor ballroom. For more information on the Marblehead Arts Association, see: http://www.marbleheadarts.org

Marblehead Police Museum

Officially organized on April 15, 1853, the Marblehead Police Department is one of the oldest police departments in the United States.  Memorabilia from the archives of the Police Department is displayed at the Marblehead Police Department Museum, located on the first floor of the Old Town House on Washington Street. The Old Town House was also the first headquarters for the police department. The Police Museum is occasionally open by chance.

Okomakemesit Veteran Fireman’s Association

The Okomakemesit Veteran Fireman’s Association Building is a town-owned historic house at the corner of Washington and Middle Streets that was built around 1888. It is leased by the Association and houses the Okomakemesit hand-pump, fire equipment and other firefighting memorabilia. It is occasionally open to the public for special occasions.

Peabody Essex Museum

The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, is a world-class art and history museum. Originally the East India Marine Society, the organization was founded in 1799 by Salem merchants to house items brought home by merchant sailing skippers from their voyages. For more information about the Peabody Essex Museum, see: http://www.pem.org

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