Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

We live in a unique and historic town – Marblehead’s places, structures, people and stories are the history of New England in a microcosm. Our mission is to identify, preserve and protect Marblehead’s historical assets – its places, artifacts and stories, while making these accessible to all. We want to educate the public about and publicize Marblehead’s proud history, working with other organizations to help achieve our mission.


  • Maintain a repository and catalog of Marblehead-related materials donated to the Town of Marblehead and the Commission, and to properly conserve and store these so they will be available for the future. Make information about these materials readily accessible to all.
  • Create a town-wide archival facility for Marblehead-related materials.
  • Assist with historical information requests about the Town.
  • Create and maintain museum facilities in Abbot Hall displaying Marblehead-related materials that help explain the Town’s history and unique culture.
  • Help the Town maintain the original character of its town-owned historic buildings and places by identifying restoration/renovation needs and working to obtain grant funding to assist in accomplishing this.
  • Conduct public education about Marblehead’s history through brochures, booklets and programs.
  • Contribute to Preservation Planning for the Town by:
    • Creating and implementing a Community-wide Historic Preservation Survey Master Plan
    • Conducting historic preservation surveys of all of Marblehead’s neighborhoods
    • Defining recommendations for preservation planning for each neighborhood

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