Image Use Policy

The Marblehead Historical Commission (MHC) has a policy for use of its images, as do most archives and museums. Before requesting an image from the MHC, we need you to review our policy and be sure that you will satisfy its requirements. If you have questions about the policy, please contact us at our office at 781-639-3425.

In order to obtain a copy of our images, we ask that you fill out our Application for Permission to Reproduce Image, sign it, scan it and e-mail it to us at We will review the Application and let you know via e-mail if we have any questions, and return approved applications via e-mail.

Because we are an all-volunteer organization (i.e. limited resources), we limit the number of images requested for non-commercial use to a maximum of 5 images. Please allow ample time for us to satisfy your requests – it can take us several weeks from receipt of your Application to e-mail scanned images

There is a charge for scanning, printing, snail mailing and use of images. Our preference is to scan and e-mail an image to you, which will also be the lowest cost for you. The cost structure depends on whether you, the requestor, are a Marblehead resident, and whether the use is commercial or not. For commercial use, we generally like to receive a copy of the finished product (book, brochure, etc.) to add to our archives.

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