Marblehead Archive Facility

The Marblehead Historical Commission has initiated planning for a Town-wide shared Archival Facility. It is intended that this facility be a common repository for multiple town organizations with historical materials and artifacts. This facility is intended to address the need for :

  • preservation of Marblehead’s historical records and archives by creating a secure, environmentally controlled facility
  • a single site for researchers – who today must contact many organizations to find information about Marblehead’s history

More information about the Archival Facility can be found in the attached Marblehead Town-Wide Archive Study 2017-04-09.

We have engaged Michele Pacifico, a nationally recognized consultant on archival facilities, to conduct a planning project leading to a Master Plan for a Town-wide Archives. The Commission is able to do this thanks to a generous bequest of Ralph and Rita Terrien. The planning project is expected to take about 14 months and is composed of five phases:

  1. Determine the partners – organization selection
  2. Determine the organizational requirements for a shared archival facility
  3. Determine the programmatic requirements for a shared archival facility
  4. Evaluate potential sites for a future archival facility
  5. Prepare a Master Plan to create a town-wide archival facility

The project is being guided by a Selectmen appointed Archives Advisory Committee.

The initial meeting with potential archives participants was held on July 10, 2017, with information supplied by Chris Johnston, MHC Chairman  and Consultant Michele Pacifico .

Project Phase I:

The first phase of the project has been essentially completed, with a Phase 1 Report Issued. Status of the planning project was reviewed with potential archives participants on Dec. 11, 2017.

The report and it’s appendices can be read and/or downloaded by clicking on these links:

Marblehead Archival Facility Phase 1 final report 2017-10-23

Marblehead Archival Facility  Phase 1 Appendices Final

Intermediate Phase II Status:

A Status Report on the planning project was presented to the Selectmen on April 25, 2018. Click on the link to read the report.

Archival Facility Requirements Document:

Draft Archives Requirements Document and report Appendices – June 6, 2018

Status Presentation on the planning project presented to participating organizations on June 14, 2018

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