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Abbot Hall renovations will be on-going for most of 2019. While the building will remain open during normal Town business hours, it will not be open for tourists and visitors on Friday afternoons or the weekends during the summer. Artwork and displays have been impacted by renovation work. Most art has been removed from the Selectmen's Room and the Spirit of 76 will be covered at some point during the renovations. The Maritime Museum is presently open, but is partially disassembled. Good News! The Gift Shop is remaining open and ready to supply your Marblehead related books and items!

Historical Commission Offices Closed Mon. 9/16 through Wed. 9/18 Due to Construction

Abbot Hall Construction Impact. See sidebar to right -->

Note: Abbot Hall will not be open on Friday afternoons or weekends this year.

Marblehead has a long and rich history.  Its places, structures, people, and stories tell the history of New England in a

microcosm. The Marblehead Historical Commission is not only dedicated to preserving that history, but also to sharing it with residents, visitors, and researchers who want to learn about Marblehead.

The Marblehead Historical Commission web site offers a wealth of information.  You’ll find information on museums and collections that are managed by the Commission, including the Maritime Museum, the Abbot Hall displays, the Selectman’s Room, and the Sign Museum. You’ll also learn about Marblehead’s most well-known painting, The Spirit of ’76 that can be seen in Abbot Hall. If you’re planning a visit to Marblehead, you’ll find opening hours and locations so you can make the most of your visit.

The Commission also operates a Gift Shop in Abbot Hall which has numerous Marblehead related items available. The Gift Shop is open seasonally.

For researchers who want to dig deeper, a key offering of the web site is the online archive of artifacts, objects, documents, and photographs – all with a brand new search system that will make easier than ever to find the information you’re seeking.

Make sure you take a look at our calendar of events. It will keep you up to date on current happenings while opening a window into important events in Marblehead’s past.

Enjoy the web site, learn more about Marblehead’s history, and visit Marblehead’s historic places!

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